Maibao Rui released WeChat virtual experience shop, the use of gravity sensing system to obtain dynamic scene experience


December 5, 2014, mulberry replica released WeChat virtual experience shop, users can mulberry replica WeChat platform “into the London Bond Street flagship store, the use of gravity sensing system, browse the store goods, access to their own Like a dynamic scene experience.

Mulberry replica micro letter account in July 2014 formally on the line, the virtual experience shop so that consumers can be more in-depth comprehensive understanding of the brand and have the opportunity to buy products directly from the official website of the brand. In the overseas mulberry replica WeChat fans through the virtual experience shop directly from replica to buy products, domestic users can be through the micro-virtual experience shop consulting products in the domestic counter information.

Mulberry replica WeChat virtual experience shop by replica mulberry together with its Chinese network to promote the agent Hot Pot Digital together to create. In December 2014, fans in the replica mulberry WeChat virtual experience store can be through the mobile phone gravity sensor system, shake the phone, you can see the British style of Christmas gifts on the screen have fallen.

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