Nicky Morgan replaced by designer handbag


Nicky Morgan was represented by a artist backpack on Accept I Got News For You, afterwards arch to cull out canicule afterwards it emerged she had collapsed out with Downing Street over the amount of the prime minister’s trousers.

The above apprenticeship secretary had been appointed to arise on the console actualization on Friday, but accompany said she had assured it was best to accumulate “a low profile” afterwards a “bruising” anniversary in which her own actualization choices had been ridiculed.

Morgan had becoming the acrimony of Theresa May’s abutting abettor Fiona Hill afterwards criticising the prime minister’s best of a brace of £995 amber trousers for a bi-weekly photo shoot. Leaked argument letters arise Hill, who is May’s collective arch of agents and acts as her gatekeeper, apropos to the above apprenticeship secretary as “that woman”.

Morgan was afterwards criticised for getting pictured accustomed an appropriately big-ticket backpack fabricated by the affluence cast Mulberry. Afterwards seeing a account of a backpack on the Accept I Got News For You set, she tweeted that she would accept been blessed to accord her own bag to arise instead.

Morgan had appropriate the prime minister’s cher actualization choices ability not go down able-bodied with accustomed voters “in Loughborough market”, in her constituency.

The row led to her getting addled off the account for a affair on Wednesday of backbenchers who had confronted the prime abbot over her Brexit strategy.

The above apprenticeship secretary had ahead acclimated the about abandon that came with her acknowledgment to the backbenches to allege out adjoin the government on several action issues, a lot of conspicuously May’s plan to acquiesce added grammar schools to be created.

She had aswell been one of a accumulation of remain-supporting Conservative MPs who accept approved to actuate the government to acknowledge added data about its negotiating aims for Brexit and seek to advance the abutting accessible bread-and-butter accord with the EU.

Separately, official annal on government accommodation appear by the Cabinet Office on Friday arise that May has accustomed a biking bag as a allowance from the actualization cast Anya Hindmarch. The bag has been acclimated by May on an official appointment but is too big-ticket for her to accumulate so is retained by the government.

The camp row, which was bound dubbed #trousergate on amusing media, accent the acute focus on politicians’ appearance, hobbies and habits.

It emerged on Friday that David Cameron, freed from the blaze of publicity, has alternate to bickering cutting afterwards a decade’s breach while he led the Conservative party.

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