You will love the new Mulberry.

Miss Zhong is carrying the hands of the old British Mulberry replica once classic – Alexa. This postman as a few years ago it bag, once red to Europe and the United States shot in the star of a man, comparable to the current LV metis.


Remember to go to school in the UK, often can see the way to go to an elegant lady carrying Alexa or another bag-Bayswater, then think that replica Mulberry brand look good. Xiaobian also went to the shop to try to back, but the students did not have the quality of the era of carrying this very lady’s bag, and then feel the price of expensive ah! But the cortex is really very good, is indeed a high-level leather that some texture, work is also very delicate, especially the logo that a small replica mulberry, it is too cute.


Mulberry was founded in 1970, its founder Roger Saul in the Somerset pastoral area in the establishment of Mulberry replica leather kingdom, since then Mulberry has been as the British top leather brand representatives. Later, the Singaporean girl Regal Christina Wang away the founder, occupied all the shares of replica Mulberry, also hired a former Hermes executives, trying to make Mulberry British Hermes. However, after the popularity of Alexa and Bayswater, Mulberry was quiet down, into a low tide, in the fashion circle has not stirred any water, and even fell into the ranks of the light of the poor.


Fortunately, now, replica Mulberry in exchange for Celine former designer Johnny Coca, the new design to create a new Mulberry, and simply the United States! stay!

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